WGM-24-A Silo Top Filter


WGM-24-A Silo Top Filter

Silo Top Filter

Silo Top Filter is equipped with air-jet cleaning system, suitable for all kinds of silo venting with positive conveying system. Round body in mild steel or stainless steel, flanged connection. 12 cartridges with efficient cleaning system, may achieves a high filtering efficiency 99.9%.

Condition of Use:

1)        High Temperature≤80℃( with peaks of 100℃)

2)        Operation Temperature: –20℃/ +80℃

3)        Static Pressure: -500mmH2O-750mmH2O

4)        Preset Values

Cleaning cycle duration (Ts)=0.1 sec

Pause duration (Yp)=28 sec

Compressure Air Consumption (with 4 bars): 100 NI/Pulse

Minimum diameter of pipes:12mm-PN8

It is advisable to install a kit (pressure gauge, air/ oil pressure reduce) near the filter.

It is advisable to connect a munual cut-off device on the air feed line (ball valve or similar) to facilitate subsequent maintenance operations.

5) Operating Pressure

The minimum of pressure of air into the tank is 4 bars, and the maximum is 6 bars. And 4 bar is recommended.

Technical Parameters:


Dimensions 110 × 98 × 137 mm


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