25V12A-1A 22R Single Pump

Vane Pump 25V12A-1A 22R/ 25V12A-1B 22R/ 25V12A-1C 22R/ 25V12A-1D 22R

V Series Single Pumps


High Performance Intravane Pumps are used for plastic injection machinery, Shoe machinery, Tool machinery, Die casting machinery and Metallurge equipment.


  1. Intravane pumps with hydraulic balancing structure provide more stable performance and longer life since less pressure from vane on stator.
  2. Twelve vane system provide low amplitude flow pulsation resulting in low system noise characteristics.
  3. Verious displacement and shafts with 4 different outlet opposite position make operation more flexible.
  4. The cartridge is independent of the drive shaft, allowing for easy servicing without remore the pump from its mounting.

Model Code

(F3-) 25V 19 A -1 A 22 R
Note Series Displacement Port Connection Shaft Type Outlet Positions Design Number Rotation


Petroleum series oil


Emulsification fluid


Water glycol fluid


Phosphate ester fluid

20V 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 A-SAE bolt flange 1-Straight key

151-Spline key

View from cover end of pump


A-Opposite inlet

B-90°CCW from inlet

C-Inline with inlet

D-90°CW from inlet

22 View from shaft end of pump


L-Left hand for counter clockwise

R-Right hand for clockwise

25V 10 12 14 15 17 19 21 25 1-Straight key

86-HD Straight key

11-Spline key

35V 21 25 30 32 35 38 45
45V 42 45 50 57 60 66 75

Flow(USgpm) at 1200r/min and 0.69MPa


  • 20V2A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V3A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V4A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V5A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V6A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V7A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V8A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V9A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V10A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V11A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V12A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 20V14A-1A/B/C/D 22R
  • 25V10A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V12A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V14A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V15A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V17A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V19A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V21A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 25V25A-1A/B/C/D 22R
  • 35V21A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V25A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V30A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V32A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V35A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V38A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 35V45A-1A/B/C/D 22R
  • 45V42A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V45A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V50A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V57A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V60A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V66A-1A/B/C/D 22R, 45V75A-1A/B/C/D 22R,


20V Dimensions

25V 35V 45V Dimensions