Secure Payment

Payment Method

NOTE: We will not make any changes to the account. In the trading process, anyone who is sent to your payment beneficiary name changes, please immediately stop payment, and inform us.

1. Bank Wire Transfer (TT)

We support USD, EUR,RMB Currency payment.
BENEFICIARY NAME: Henan Hiya Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

2. Western Union & MoneyGram

3. Online Payment by Payoneer( VISA, Debit Card, Credit Card.etc)

BENEFICIARY NAME: Henan Hiya Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  1. We do not support Paypal payment, Paypal is more inclined to personal payment, basically no risk control measures.
  2. Why we use payoneer? There are two types of payoneer registration, company and individual. The registration review of company accounts is very strict, and each transaction has a risk control review.
  3. Currently, Amazon, eBay, etc. are all using payoneer. payoneer has safer risk control and lower fee rates.

Therefore we recommend a small amount of payment, choose payoneer. Learn more about payoneer>>>→

4.Supported currencies. EUR, AUD, GBP, USD, JPY, CAD,MXN, SGD . 

it can  receive USD dollars, EUR, AUD, GBP,JPY, CAD,MXN, SGD.

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