2W-025-08 Fluid Control Valve

2W-025-08, low pressure water valve, two position two-way

2W-025-08 Fluid Control Valve


  1. Applicable voltage: AC24V, 36V, 110V, 220V, 380V, ± 10%

DC12V, 24V, 48V, ±10%

  1. Coil insulation grade: Class H, which can be highly moisture-proof, heat-resistant and waterproof.
  2. The coil can work continuously, and the maximum temperature reaches 99 ℃.
  3. Working medium temperature requirements:
  • 2W, pu220, 2V, type 09: – 5 ℃ ~ 85 ℃;
  • 2L type (steam high temperature type): – 5 ℃ ~ 185 ℃;
  1. Precautions for pipe installation:
  • Before installing the solenoid valve, first remove all kinds of dust and sundries in the pipeline, and install the filter device. When connecting the pipeline, pay attention that the winding of the relief belt shall not exceed the end face of the tooth.
  • Please refer to the attached figure for the correct installation method.
  • 2L steam high temperature solenoid valve shall be installed horizontally, not upside down or vertically. Please refer to the attached drawings.
  • Applicable to gas. Heavy oil, corrosive runny nose and other special occasions need to be ordered separately.
  • The normal type needs to be ordered separately.

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