2W200-20 Solenoid Valve

2W200-20 Solenoid Valve, DN20

2W Series Solenoid Valve


  1. With a direct-acting diaphragm structure, no pressure start, which expands its application range;
  2. Reliable structure opening and closing, enhancing its service life;
  3. Use copper coils to improve the safety index of its use in a variety of environments.
  4. High quality brass body, lower heat generation, longer life and more stable work;

Working medium: water, gas, oil (non-corrosive)

Mode of operation: normally closed direct acting

Voltage specification: AC220V/ DC24V/ DC12V

Body material: brass

Working temperature: -5~80°C (120°C 150°C)

Working pressure: 0•1Mpa

Model Nominal diameter Inch Interface diameter Internal thread diameter
2W160-15 DN15 4 cents G1/2” 19mm
2W200-20 DN20 6 cents G3/4” 24mm
2W250-25 DN25 1 inch G1” 31mm
2W320-32 DN32 1.2 inch G1 1/4” 38.5mm
2W400-40 DN40 1.5 inch G1 1/2” 45mm


For different voltages, please choose non-heating up kind. Coil will not generate heat even long-term energized; and it can save power, which is equivalent to 1/5 of the power consumption of ordinary solenoid valves; no leakage magnetic noise.