6JPQ-M2 Progressive Distributor


JPQ-M Progressive Distributor is suitable for heavy duty for grease lubrication system.

JPQ-M Progressive Distributor

Product Features:

  • Entire structure, good sealing, high pressure, suitable for heavy load lubrication system;
  • Sub-mother connection, and can separate oil to secondary and third grades;
  • Optional installation of cycle indicator for remote monitoring or controlling of the lubrication system.

Model Tag:

JPQ-M Progressive Distributor Model Tag

Note 1: the suffix “D” refers to joint with one-way valve, no is no one-way valve tighten a screw joint;Receive 8 mm outside diameter of pipe oil outlet need joint length staggered when installation
Note 2: the same mouth on both sides of the valve core to oil displacement;The same pay different discharge in the distributor is only applicable to 2 series;1 each mouth to oil displacement are the same series, and 0.2 ml/cycle;
Note 3: standard model for the even number for 6 ~ 20 oil mouth, if you need an odd number or number of oil of less than 6 mouth to mouth, can also be identified in model.
Model example:
6 JPQ – M1 / d: 0.2/66 series JPQ – 1 M series progressive distributor;Six standard oil outlet;Each displacement 0.2 ml/cycle;Receive 6 mm outside diameter of pipe inlet joint;Oil outlet by 6 mm diameter D check valve pipe fittings.

Technical Parameters:

Number of holes ≤6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
JPQ-M1 H 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165
JPQ-M2 H 74 95 116 137 158 179 200 221


Model Displacement per hole Nominal pressure Starting pressure Ports Number Inlet and outlet pipe diameter
ml/cy MPa Mpa PCS mm
*JPQ-M1/0.2/** 0.2 31.5 ≤1.5 6~20 Φ6 Φ8
*JPQ-M2/…/** 0.15;0.20;

Product Dimensions:

JPQ-M Progressive Distributor Dimensions