Absolute Encoder BM18-W

BM18-W Absolute Encoder

BM18-W Absolute Encoder


The18-bit (10-bit/12-bit) multi-turn encoder is specially developed for the actuator industry and the automation industry. It can measure and memorize the position of the angle, and the information of the rotation angle and the number of rotations within the range is unique.

Adopt SSI interface (synchronous serial interface) to transmit single-turn angle and multi-turn value (UART optional). Single 5V working voltage, no signal loss when power is off (no battery power supply, mechanical memory), mechanical zero position can be set arbitrarily. Strong anti-interference ability, anti-vibration and dust-proof.

Main parameters

Single-turn resolution 10-bit binary

12-bit binary

Operating Voltage 5V+0.5V
Multi-turn range <4096 turns Operating current <50mA
High speed 170 rpm(Single-turn accuracy 4096)

1000 rpm(Single-turn accuracy 1024)

Operating temperature -40°℃ ~ 85°℃
Way of communication SSI Serial bus output,UART(TTL) Communication rate 9600(UART)

Mounting dimensions

BM18-A1 dimensions