AC Solid State Relay S225ZF

XIMADEN AC Solid State Relay, SSR S225ZF

XIMADEN AC Solid State Relay S225ZF

S series are common AC solid state relays, and the power control method adopts bidirectional thyristor.

Schematic diagram of S series Z type AC solid state relay

S SSR Schematic diagram


Model Current Load voltage Control voltage LED indicator Trigger method Size


Installation method
S203ZL 3A 40~280V 4~12V Zero cross 36*13*29 PCB welded
S303ZL 3A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross
S303PL 3A 40~430V 4~12V Random
S302ZL 2A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross
S302PL 2A 40~430V 4~12V × Random
S306ZL 6A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross 38*15*20 PCB welded
S206ZL 6A 40~280V 4~12V ×
S203ZW 3A 40~280V 4~12V Zero cross 34*22*15 PCB welded
S303ZW 3A 40~430V 4~12V
S204ZW 4A 40~280V 4~12V × Zero cross 33*27*15 PCB welded
S304ZW 4A 40~430V 4~12V ×
S303ZC 3A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross 35*15*27 PCB welded
S208ZK 8A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross 63*48*26 Φ5mm 47±1mm
S210ZK 10A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross
S212ZK 12A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross
S212PK 12A 40~280V 4~12V Random
S220ZK 20A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross
S225ZK 25A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross
S225PK 25A 40~280V 4~12V Random
S240ZK 40A 40~280V 4~24V Zero cross
S240PK 40A 40~280V 4~12V Random
S310ZK 10A 40~430V 4~24V Zero cross
S312ZK 12A 40~430V 4~24V Zero cross
S320ZK 20A 40~430V 4~24V Zero cross
S325ZK 25A 40~430V 4~24V Zero cross
S325PK 25A 40~430V 4~12V Random
S340ZK 40A 40~430V 4~24V Zero cross
S340PK 40A 40~430V 4~12V Random
S225ZF 25A 40~280V 4~12V × Zero cross 93*23*36 Φ5mm 80±1mm
S225ZF(24V) 25A 40~280V 4~12V × Zero cross
S240ZF 40A 40~280V 4~12V × Zero cross
S240PF 40A 40~280V 4~12V × Random
S325ZF 25A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross
S325PF 25A 40~430V 4~12V × Random
S340ZF 40A 40~430V 4~12V × Zero cross
S340PF 40A 40~430V 4~12V × Random