Airtac AL1500 Lubricator


AirTAC AL1500 Lubricator + AFR1500 Filter& Regulator = AFC1500 FR.L. Combination

Airtac AL1500 Lubricator

Product feature

  1. The structure is delicate and compact.
  2. The quantity of oil dripping can be directly observed through transparent inspection sheet
  3. BL has high-strength plastic shields, which is more safe and reliable to use
  4. The pressure loss and the flow of miststart is low.

Ordering Code

AL Ordering Code


Model AL1500 AL2000 BL2000 BL3000 BL4000
Fluid Air
Port size 1/8″ 1/4″ 1/4” 3/8″ 1/2″
Pressure range 0.05-1.0MPa(7-145Psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(215Psi)
Temperature range -5-70 C(unfreeze)
Capacity of oil bowl 25CC 90CC
Recommended lubricant ISO VG 32 or equivalent
Weight 170g 250g


AL BL Dimensions