AirTAC GFR300-10 Filter and Regulator


AirTAC GFR300-10 Filter and Regulator

AirTAC GFR300-10 Filter and Regulator

Product Features

  1. The embedded square pressure gauge can save the installation space, and the external pressure gauge can also be selected;
  2. The press in self mechanism can prevent the setting pressure from being disturbed by the outside world
  3. The pressure regulating mechanism adopts balanced design, which makes the pressure regulation more stable, small drift and good pressure characteristics;
  4. In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional(The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa).
  5. The unique diversion structure makes the flowing gas rotate properly, so that the liquid in the gas can be separated more effectively and the solid particles can be filtered reliably.
  6. Filter precision 5µm, 40µm can be choosen;
  7. Manual, differential pressure and automatic drainage three types;
  8. Mounting with fixed bracket is optional.


Model GFR200-06 GFR200-08 GFR300-08 GFR300-10 GFR300-15 GFR400-10 GFR400-15 GFR600-20 GFR600-25
Fluid Air
Port size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4 PT1
Filtering grade 40µm or 5 µm
Pressure range Differential pressure drain and automatic drain:0.15-0.9MPa(20-130Psi)

Manual drain:0.05-0.9MPa(7-130Psi)

Max. pressure 1.0MPa(145Psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(215Psi)
Temperature range -5-70℃(unfreeze)
Capacity of drain bowl 10CC 40CC 80CC 230CC
Weight 220g 500g 1030g 2400g


GFR Dimensions