Airtac HFD12X25 Compact Air Gripper


Airtac HFD12X25, HFD12X25 Compact Air Gripper, HFD12X25 Air Finger, HFD12X25 Pneumatic Finger

Airtac HFD12X25 Compact Air Gripper

Product feature

  1. The double-track design increases the load span and the bending moment (Mr) load is better.
  2. Double piston drive, double output, for greater clamping force.
  3. The bottom of the body is provided with a positioning hole which can improve the precision and the consistency of repeated dismounting and positioning.
  4. The iaw rails are made of stainless steel for high rigidity and corrosion resistance
  5. Can be fixed in four directions and has a high degree of freedom.
  6. The overall height is reduced by about 50% compared to the parallel jaw product of the same clamping force, effectively reducing the device space and sloshing moment.

Ordering Code

HFD Ordering Code


Bore Size (mm) 8 12 16 20 25
Acting type Double acting
Fluid Air(to be filtered by 40pm filter element)
Operating pressure 0.15-0.7MPa(22-100psi)(1.5-7.0bar)
Proof pressure 1.2MPa(175psi)(12bar)
Temperature -20-70℃
Lubrication Not required
Repeatability mm ±0.05
Max. frequency Longer stroke 60(c.p.m)
Middle and short stroke 120(c.p.m)
Sensor switches CMSH, DMSH(S)
Port size M3x0.5 M5x0.8