AirTAC HRQ30A Rotary Actuator


AirTAC HRQ30A Rotary Table Cylinder, HRQ30A Rotary Actuator, with internal shock absorber

AirTAC Rotary Table Cylinder HRQ30A


  1. Rack and pinion design, stable functioning.
  2. Double cylinder structure, double output could be achieved.
  3. The manufacturing precision of working platform is high, and is easy for installation, and is of precise orientation.
  4. The center of working platform has a through hole, and pipe can be located and passed through this hole;
  5. Guide hole is designed on the both side of the cylinder body (10-200) or undersurface (2-7), which is simply to install.
  6. Two modes of buffer could be chosen, adjustment bolt buffer and internal shock absorber, the maximum buffer energy of internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of adjustment bolt buffer.

Ordering Code



Specification 2 3 7 10 20 30 50 70 100 200
Acting type Double rack and pinion(Double acting)
Fluid Air(to be filtered by 40 u m filter element)
Operating pressure With adjustment bolt 0.15-0.7MPa(22-100psi)(1.5-7.0bar)
With internal shock absorber 0.15-0.7MPa(22-100psi)(1.5-7.0bar)
Proof pressure 1.2MPa(175psi)(12.0bar)
Temperature ℃ -20-70
Angle adjustment range 0-190o 0-190o
Repeatable precision With adjustment bolt 0.20
With internal shock absorber 0.050
Theoretic moment (Nm)(0.5MPa) 0.2 0.33 0.63 1.1 2.2 2.8 5.0 7.5 11.0 22.0
Cushion type With adjustment bolt Rubber bumper
With internal shock absorber Shock absorber
Port size End ports M5x0.8 1/8″
Side ports M5x0.8
Weight g 120 175 270 535 940 1260 2060 2890 4100 7650


HRQ10-50 dimensions