AirTAC Mechanical Valve CM3PM-06


AirTAC Mechanical Control Valve 3/2 Way CM3PM-06/ CM3PM-06-R/ CM3PM-06-G/ CM3PM-06-B/ CM3PM-06-Y

AirTAC Mechanical Valve CM3PM-06

Product feature

  1. The external force required by changing the direction of the series of CM3B, CM3V, CM3L and CM3R is provided by external mechanism, which can be used for position test or limit switch
  2. The series of CM3PF, CM3PM, CM3PMS, CM3PMX. CM3PL, CM3PP, CM3HS, CM3HD and CM3Y are operated manually, owning control joints with several structure forms and suitable for application under different conditions.
  3. Shut-off structure has good tightness and is sensitive in direction changing and lubricant is not necessary
  4. Multi-mounting makes it convenient to install and apply.
  5. The control joints of series of CM3L, CM3V, CM3R and CM3Y are made of metal which has long service life and more reliable and steady performance.
  6. CM3PMS. CM3PMX Series have metallic quard, it can protect the push cup, to avoid misact due to outside force touching the push cup. So they can be used more reliably.

Ordering Code:

CM3 Ordering Code


Model CM3-05 CM3-06 CM3-08
Operating External control
Fluid Air (to be filtered by 40 um filter element)
Pressure range 0-1.0MPa(0-10bar)(0-145psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(15bar)(215psi)
Temperature -20-70℃
Valve type[ Note1] 3 port 2 position
Orifice size 2,0mm2 2,5mm2 15.0mm2
Cv 0.11 0.14 0.84
Port size M5x0.8 1/8″ 1/4″
Material of body Aluminum alloy

[ Note1] HD series are 5/3 way.