AirTAC Mechanical Valve ZM3J-06


AirTAC Mechanical Control Valve, 3/2 Way, ZM3J-06, ZM3J-06W

AirTAC ZM3 Mechanical Valve

Product Feature

  1. The activity direction could be changed(Only adapt to standard type, large angle type unavailable).
  2. The rolling wheel could be installed at the inside of leverage.
  3. Installation position of leverage could be changed.
  4. Direction of head part could be changed.
  5. Length of contact pin could be changed.

Ordering Code

ZM3 Ordering code


Model ZM3R ZM3J ZM3P
Operating External control direct acting type
Fluid Air (to be filtered by 40 µ m filter element)
Pressure range -0.1-1.0MPa(-1-10bar)(-15-145psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(15bar)(215psi)
Temperature -20-70
Valve type 3/2 Way
Orifice size 6.0mm2(Cv=0.34)
Port size 1/8″
Lubrication Not required
Material body Aluminum alloy


ZM3 Dimensions