AirTAC Pneumatic Finger HFR20


AirTAC Pneumatic Finger HFR20/ HFR20N

Airtac Air Gripper HFR20/ HFR20N

Airtac Air Finger HFR20/ HFR20N

AirTAC Pneumatic Finger HFR20

——180° Open / Close Style


  • Asheet metal is installed between the finger and body to reduce abrasion and extend the service life.
  • Dust proof is designed in the finger part, which is applicable to special working environment.
  • 180 open/close type, simplify the gripping action.
  • Can be mounted from three directions, surface installation, tail installation and front installation.
  • The magnetic switch slots convenient to install inducting switch.

Ordering Code

HFR Ordering Code


Bore size(mm) 10 16 20 25 32
Acting type Double acting
Fluid Air(to be filtered by 40 µ m filter element)


Operating Pressure 0.15-0.7MPa(21-100psi)(1.5-7.0bar)
Temperature℃ -20-70
Lubrication Cylinder: Not required; Gripper jaws: Lubricate grease
Cushion Type Bumper
Max. Frequency 60(c.p.m)
Repeatability ±0.2mm
Gripping Force 0.16N.m 0.55N.m 1.10N.m 2.30N.m 5.00N.m
Open or close angle Open: -2°–5°     Close: 180° ±2°
Port Size M5x 0.8
Sensor Switches CMSH/DMSH(S)


HFR Dimensions




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