AirTAC Pressure Regulator GR300-08

AirTAC Pressure Regulator GR300-08, GR300-08L

AirTAC Pressure Regulator GR300-08

Product Feature

  1. Embedded square pressure gauge saves installation space, and external circular pressure gauge can also be selected;
  2. The press in self-locking mechanism can prevent the set pressure from changing due to external interference;
  3. The pressure regulating mechanism adopts balanced design, with more stable pressure regulation, small drift and good pressure characteristics;
  4. In addition to panel installation, fixed bracket installation is also optional;
  5. The low-pressure type is available (the maximum adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa).


Model GR200-06 GR200-08 GR300-08 GR300-10 GR300-15 GR400-10 GR400-15 GR600-20 GR600-25
Fluid Air
Port size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4 PT1
Pressure range 0.05-0.9MPa(7-130Psi)
Max. pressure 1.0MPa(145Psi)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa(215Psi)
Temperature range -20-70℃(unfreeze)
Weight 160g 350g 720g 1700g

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