AirTAC Regulator SDR200-06

AirTAC Regulator SDR200-06

AirTAC Regulator SDR200-06


  1. Back pressure structure, compact type, cost-effective, installation time saving.

2.Broad regulating range; low-pressure type is optional other than the standard type; stable output pressure; applicable to situation which has low expectation on output pressure but high expectation on performance and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Single unit installation; easy to mount.

Ordering Code

SDR regulator Ordering Code


Model: SDR100-M5 SDR100-06 SDR200-06 SDR200-08 SDR100-M5L SDR100-06L SDR200-06L SDR200-08L
Fluid: Air
Port Size: M5 PT1/8 PT1/4 M5 PT1/8 PT1/4
Pressure Range: 0.05~0.9MPa(7~130psi) 0.03~0.4MPa(4~58psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature Range: -20~70℃

PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.


SDR regulator dimensions