AirTAC Solenoid Valve 6V110-J06

Solenoid Valve 6V110-J06, single solenoid, 5/2 way, AC220V/ DC24V/ AC110V/ DC12V

AirTAC Solenoid Valve 6V110-J06

Product Feature:

  1. Electrical entry is terminal, horizontal and vertical insertion can freely switch.
  2. Inner exhaust structure to collect pilot airflow, and then exhaust intensively from R, S port.
  3. Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.
  4. Threaded type and quick connector type are optional, and can integrate manifold to form valve group to save space.

Ordering Code:

6V Ordering Code


Model 6V0510 6V0520 6V0530 6V110 6V120 6V130
Port size Thread type In=Out=Exh=M5 In=Out=Exh=M5 (or=1/8”)
Tube type A port= B port = Փ4 A port= B port = Փ4 (or= Փ6) (or= Փ8)
Orifice size (Cv) M5: 3.4mm2



2.2 mm2


06: 8.9mm2



8.0 mm2


Weight 35g 50g 65g 60g 75g 90g
Model 6V210 6V220 6V230 6V310 6V320 6V330
Port size Thread type In=Out=1/8” (or=1/4”)Exh=1/8” In=Out=3/8” Exh= 1/4”
Tube type A port= B port = Փ6(or= Փ8) (or= Փ10)
Orifice size (Cv) 08: 15.4mm2



14.2 mm2


10: 38.4mm2



30.5 mm2


Weight 100g 115g 130g 230g 265g 305g
Fluid Air (to be filtered by 40 µ m filter element)
Acting Internal pilot
Operating pressure 5/3 way 0.2-0.8MPa(29-114psi)
5/2 way 0.15-0.8MPa(21-114psi)
Proof pressure 1.2MPa(175psi)
Temperature -20-70℃
Material of body Aluminum alloy
Lubrication Not required
Pilot valve’s Exhaust type Centralized exhaust type
Max. frequency 5 cycle/sec 3 cycle/sec 5 cycle/sec 3 cycle/sec

Coil Specification:

Item Specification
Standard voltage AC220V AC110V DC24V DC12V
Scope of voltage AC: +15%~ 10% DC: ±10%
Power of consumption 1.1VA 0.9W
Protection Dustproof
Temperature classification F Class
Electrical entry Terminal
Activating time 0.05 sec and below


6V0510 110 210 310 dimensions