ALS-10 Limit Switch Box


ALS-10 Limit Switch Box/ ALS-10 Mechanical Limit Switch/ ALS-10 Valve Position Monitor

ALS-10 Limit Switch Box


The ALS10 valve limit switch box is a kind of field instrument used to detect the valve status in the automatic control system. It is used to output the open or closed position of the valve as a switching signal. And is received by the programmer or sampled by the computer. After confirming, the next step is executed. It is also used as an important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication in the automatic control system.

  • Protection level: IP65
  • Three-dimensional position indicator can clearly show the position of the valve.
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing, powder coating, compact design and beautiful appearance, reducing the volume of valve packaging, and reliable quality
  • Two-wire interface Double 1/2 NPT interface.
  • Signal feedback device.
  • The switch position can be clearly identified by the indicator.
  • Multi-contact internal circuit board. The internal 8-contact terminal board meets the standards of micro switches. DPDT switches are optional, proximity switches and magnetic switches are optional and can be used for connection of solenoid valves.
  • “Quick position” cam; the adjustable cam of the limit switch is installed by spline and spring; the position of the switch cam can be adjusted quickly without tools.

Mechanical limit switches are electrical switches used to limit the extreme positions of movement of mechanical equipment. There are contact limit switches and non-contact limit switches. The contact type is relatively intuitive. On the moving parts of the mechanical equipment, a limit switch is installed, and the limit position of the relative movement is installed with a limit stop, or the opposite installation position. When the mechanical contact of the limit switch hits the stop, the control circuit is cut (or changed), and the machine stops or changes its operation.


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