BND-1M Position Transmitter Module

Position Transmitter Module BND-1M

Valve Position Transmitter Module BND-1M

Models: WF-01; WF-130; WF-1D; WFM-01;


BND-1M (Valve Position Transmitter) is used for electric valve, electric damper, electric actuator or manual valve with mechanical deceleration device.

In process control of manual valve with signal head, the real-time opening of the valve 0~100% is usually expressed as 4~20mA, which can be read out by the upper control system, so that it can be easily communicated with automatic instruments, PCs, PLCs, etc. to form a monitoring system.

BND-1M valve position current transmitter is the standard product of SMC, 00M, QT, QB and other series of electric actuators. At the same time, as a standard product BND-1M conforms to the corresponding national standards in the industry, and can be combined with various electric actuators.


BND-1M valve position current transmitter adopts the latest power integrated power technology and high-precision integrated operational amplifier technology, and has a certain ability to resist environmental interference. It can be directly connected to AC 190~250V power supply without transformer and voltage stabilizer. Ultra-small design, suitable for small spaces, and easy to install.

Technical parameters:

Output signal: 4~20mA DC;

Accuracy: +0.5%;

Input resistance: 0~1KΩ;

Load resistance: <300Ω;

Power supply: AC 190~250V, 50Hz;

Working environment: -20~40℃.