BWR-04CTH Winding Temperature Controller

Transformer Winding Temperature Controller BWR-04AJTH, workign with XMZ-Y

  • BWR-04CA
  • BWR-04CB
  • BWR-04CC
  • BWR-04CD

BWR-04CTH Transformer Winding Thermometer


Transformer winding thermometer (hereinafter referred to as thermometer) is a specialized instrument used to measure the temperature of large power transformer windings. It is composed of an improved converter based on a pressure thermometer, installed in the host meter, and equipped with an xmz digital temperature display.

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BWR-04C(TH) Specifications_

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Working conditions: ambient temperature -40-55 ℃, relative humidity<95%.
  2. The thermometer can operate normally under vibration conditions with a frequency of 50-120Hz and an amplitude of 0.2mm (vertical direction).
  3. Protective performance: The waterproof and dustproof performance of the thermometer meets the requirements of IP55 in GB4208-84. Simultaneously meeting the moisture resistance and mold resistance of general purpose tropical electrical products in JB839-74 standard.
  4. Temperature measurement range: 0-150 ℃
  5. Accuracy level: 2.0
  6. Contact action error: ± 4 ℃, switching difference: 6 ± 2 ℃

7, Temperature bulb size is D14 × 120mm, installation thread M27 ×2

  1. The set value of the temperature control switch is adjustable within the range of 0-150 ℃, with 4 switches inside.
  2. Instrument time constant of thermometer<30S
  3. The time constant of the electric heating element is about 9 minutes
  4. Temperature rise characteristic curve of electric heating elements
  5. Capillary length: 5m
Model Secondary rated current of transformer current transformer Ip(A) Output CurrentIs(A) Adjusting Line Ends K Equivalent impedance
BWR-04CA 5>Ip>3 32-38%X Ip 3  
24-32%X Ip 4
15-24%X Ip 5
10-15%X Ip 6
BWR-04CB 3>Ip>2 50-60%X Ip 3  
40-50%X Ip 4
28-40%X Ip 5
17-28%X Ip 6
BWR-04CC 2>Ip>1 75-90%X Ip 3  
60-75%X Ip 4
40-60%X Ip 5
25-40%X Ip 6
BWR-04CD 1>Ip>0.61 150-180%X Ip 3  
120-150%X Ip 4
100-120%X Ip 5
50-100%X Ip 6

XMZ-Y Digital Temperature Display Instrument

Main technical parameters

  1. Working conditions: ambient temperature 0-50 ℃, relative humidity<85%;
  2. Display method: digital display
  3. Display range: 0-150 ℃
  4. Display error: ± 1 ℃
  5. Working power supply: AC: 220V ± 10%, frequency 50-60Hz
  6. External dimension: 160mm × 80mm × 150mm
  7. Installation method: disc mounted, opening size: 152mm × 76mm
  8. Output signal: 4-20mA standard current signal or 0-5V standard voltage signal.