BWY(WTYK)-802TH Temperature Indicating Controller

Pressure Type Temperature Indicating Controller, BWY(WTYK)-802TH/ BWY(WTYK)-802ATH

BWY(WTYK)-802TH Pressure Type Temperature Indicating Controller

1、 Introduction

BWY (WTYK) – 803, 802 series pressure type temperature indicating controllers (hereinafter referred to as temperature controllers) are mainly designed for measuring and controlling the oil temperature of large power transformers, and are also used for temperature detection and control of other equipment.

This series of temperature controllers has good protective performance and can work normally for a long time under outdoor conditions. Two or three groups of large capacity temperature control switches are installed inside the instrument, which can be respectively used for the startup, shutdown and signal alarm of the transformer cooling system. At the same time, the temperature signal can be remotely transmitted to the control center to synchronously display the transformer oil temperature.

NO. Model Application Suiting for
1 BWY(WTYK)-803/802 Temperature Controller Measure the top oil temperature of the transformer and start and shut down the cooling system and issue an alarm signal when the temperature reaches the set value ≥1000kVA Transformer
2 BWY(WTYK)-803/802TH Temperature Controller Same as 1 and suitable for humid and tropical environments ≥1000kVA Transformer
3 BWY(WTYK)-803/802ATH Temperature Controller Same as 2; And it adopts composite temperature sensor technology, which can simultaneously output Pt100 thermal resistance signal ≥8000kVA Transformer
4 XMT Digital Temperature Controller Equipped with BWY (WTYK) -803.802A, it achieves oil temperature telemetry and remote control. It can also output standard signals connected to computers ≥8000kVA Transformer
5 BWY(WTYK)-803/802ATH Temperature Controller / XMT Digital Temperature Controller Same as 3, 4, etc. can be replaced simultaneously

1)WTZK-02 temperature controller

2) Resistance thermometer

3) Transfer switch

4)XCT or XMT automatic instrument single table

5) Transmitters

≥8000kVA Transformer or unattended substation

2 Main technical parameters

(1) BWY (WTYK) – Type 803, 802

  1. Normal working conditions: ambient temperature -20 ℃~+55 ℃; Relative humidity 5%~95%
  2. Measurement range: (0-100) ℃ (0-120) ℃ (0-150) ℃
  3. Indication level: 1.5
  4. Temperature measuring component: external dimensions( Փ 14 × 150) mm, material is stainless steel, with installation thread M27 × 2
  5. Switch performance: setting range: full range; Setting temperature: ± 3 ℃; Switching difference: (6 ± 2) ℃

Rated power: AC250V 3A DC250V 50W

Standard setting point: 803 K1=55 ℃ K2=65 ℃ K3=80 ℃

802 K1=55℃ K2=80℃

  1. Instrument installation size: compatible with WTYK-02.