CI2801 Logic Control Board


CI2801/CI2801 Logic Control Board/ Electric Actuator Control Board CI2801/ Bernard Control Board CI2801

CI2801 Logic Control Board

CI2801 is the logic control board for Bernard electric actuator, which can form different control systems according to different applications. The control circuit is equipped with automatic phase correction and lack of phase monitoring functions, which can provide 3V and 12V DC power supplies for other additional circuits. The direction of rotation is easy to change, and the motor has a commutation delay function (50 milliseconds). The CI2701 control board has a remote control function and an emergency stop function (ESD). The working status of the actuator can be transmitted remotely through multiple sets of relays.

Valve closing control mode: In the standard configuration, when the electric actuator closes the valve, the limit switch is used to determine whether it is in place. The torque limit switch in the valve opening direction will work during the entire stroke of the actuator.

Commonly used circuit boards include logic control boards, position control boards, field manuals, etc., and special applications also include fieldbus control boards and time control panel, digital display panel, etc.

  1. Bernard logic control board: model CI2801
  2. Bernard position control board: model is GAM-K
  3. Bernard time control board: The time control board can reduce the operating speed of the actuator and is connected to the main board. Through two potentiometers, you can set the stop time and run time during intermittent operation.
  4. Bernard field Communicator (Field Operation Panel)
  5. Bernard actuator motor
  6. Bernard potentiometer.



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