Current Transformer BH-0.66 200II


Current Transformer BH-0.66 200II

Current Transformer BH-0.66 200II


BH-0.66 current transformer is mainly used indoors, and used for current and energy measurement or relay protection in AC circuits with rated voltage of 0.66kV and below and rated frequency of 50Hz. The product is widely used in complete sets of cabinets. The installation method can be fixed by busbars and fixed by the bottom plate. It is suitable for various schemes. The primary conductor can be a busbar or a cable.

Ordering Code:

BH-0.66 Ordering Code

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated primary current: 5-6300A
  • Rated secondary current: 5A, 1A
  • Rated voltage: AC 0.66kV
  • Comply with GB/T 20840.2-2014
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Ambient temperature: -40℃~+50℃
  • Altitude: ≤3000m
  • Power frequency withstand voltage: 3000V/1min

Selection Instructions

  • Select the corresponding product specifications according to the primary current and busbar size. The primary wire passes through the transformer window, and the secondary circuit is connected to the secondary terminal of the transformer. The small hole on the protective cover can be lead sealed to prevent theft of electricity.
  • Select the rated current ratio according to the measured current, generally select a rated current that is about 1/3 greater than the measured current;
  • The measuring instrument is connected to the S1 and S2 terminals. At this time, the total load of the connected circuit should not exceed the rated load of the transformer. When the installation position of the instrument is far away from the current transformer or the circuit load is large, we should prefer to choose the transformaer with secondary current 1A;
  • Choose a transformer with a matching window size, according to the specifications and number of busbars.

Specifications and Dimensions:

BH-0.66 200II Dimensions

Rated Current Ratio (A) Accuracy Class and Corresponding Rated Load (VA)
Class 1 Class 0.5 Class 0.2 Class 0.5S Class 0.2S
BH-0.66 200II, 4000/5A 30 20 20 20
BH-0.66 200II, 5000/5A 30 20 20 20
BH-0.66 200II, 6000/5A 30 20 20 20
BH-0.66 200II, 6300/5A 30 20 20 20

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