Cycle Control Module SSR-CYC

Solid State Relay SSR-CYC, Cycle Control Module SSR-CYC

Cycle Control Module SSR-CYC


Solid state relay cycle control module SSR-CYC works with zero-crossing single phase or three-phase solid state relay to accept 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA temperature control instrument signal input, or the potentiometer is directly manually controlled to generate the corresponding cycle zero-crossing (CYC) control signal output, which directly drives the zero-crossing SSR and stably adjusts the total power output of the electric heating load. Since the current on the load is in the unit of complete sine wave and uniformly distributed, the regulation accuracy is improved, the higher harmonics caused by chopping (phase shifting) voltage regulation mode are avoided, and the power saving effect is obvious while reducing the pollution to the power grid.

Main performance indicators

  U5 U10 I20
Input impedance 10KΩ 20KΩ 300Ω
Adjust dead band (0 output) <=0.5V <=1V <=1mA
Regulation dead band (full load) <=0.5V <=1V <=1mA
power waste <=5W
Manual potentiometer 2KΩ-10 KΩ
Control output maximum current 40mA




The functional purposes of each terminal block are as follows:

220~ AC 220V input
SSR+ Cycle control output (connected to positive pole of SSR control input terminal)
SSR- Cycle control output (connected to negative pole of SSR control input terminal)
+5V Use when the potentiometer is manually controlled (refer to the wiring diagram)
I20 4~20mA control input signal positive pole
U10 0~10V control input signal positive pole
U5 0~5V control input signal positive pole
COM Common negative pole of control input signal
Light-emitting tube Turn on when the cycle control outputs high potential and turn off when it outputs zero potential

Application wiring diagram

SSR-CYC Wiring 1_

SSR-CYC Wiring 2_