DFD-1300 Weak Current Soft Manipulator


DFD-1300/ DFD-1300 Weak Current Soft Manipulator/ DFD-1300 Electric Operator/ DFD-1300 Electric Manipulator/ Bernard Electrical Actuator 

DFD-1300 Weak Current Soft Manipulator

DFD-1300 weak current soft operator is a universal hand manipulator. The advantage is the addition of monitoring to manual functions, which can be networked with computers. When the peripheral equipment fails, the operator can automatically accept computer instructions to stop the electric actuator in place to improve the safety of the system. There is a “manual-automatic” non-disturbance switch on the operation panel, and the manual or automatic working status is displayed on the panel. If it is equipped with servo amplifier or GAMX positioner, it can realize automatic control. The panel is also equipped with an actuator remote control button switch, which can realize remote operation. The button switch is imported from abroad, which has reliable action and reasonable structure. It is widely used in power station, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Note: Common products have no monitoring to manual protection function. If this function is required, please mention that the model is DFD-1800T.

Main technical indicators:

  1. Power supply voltage: single-phase voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz
  2. Ammeter indication: 4~20mA DC 2.5 level
  3. Valve position tracking output: 1~5V DC
  4. Operating switch contact capacity: voltage 220V, current 5A
  5. Working conditions: A, ambient temperature 0~45℃
  6. Relative humidity≤85%
  7. Working vibration frequency ≤25 Hz, amplitude ﹤0.1mm (double amplitude)
  8. Instrument weight: about 2kg
  9. Dimensions: (length * width * height) 80*80*250mm
  10. Hole size: 76*76mm