DH960 Weighing Controller



Weighing Controller DH960 IV

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Weighing Controller DH960

This batching controller is a batching control equipment specially designed for construction, chemical, food and other industries. Adopt LCD Chinese characters (character) display interface, friendly man-machine interface, convenient for production and operation; this product has breakpoint memory function; according to actual working environment requirements, lightning protection technology is added to the design to make this product work in harsh working environment The stability performance is further improved.


1. Integrate weighing display and batching control;
2. All ingredients data are input through the panel keys and stored in EEPROM;
3. Power-off memory function;
4. Automatic zero tracking;
5. The tare weight is automatically removed after pressing the key;
6. All materials have their own jog compensation function, and the overshoot can be automatically corrected;
7. Exceed the tolerance range inspection function;
8. Can provide printing function (recipe, accumulation, current recipe);
9. Check the cumulative batch of all materials at any time, which is convenient for users to make statistics on material consumption;
10. Date and time display and setting functions.

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