Display Main Control Board FZcon-3-D

FZcon-3-D Display Main Control Board

Display Main Control Board FZcon-3-D

Main technical features:

Sequence identification and protector are the modules used on the integral type of electric device.

  1. It can realize remote control and realize 4-24V DC power control.
  2. Two-wire control can be realized;
  3. With signal-open, No signal-closed; With signal- close, no signal-open.
  4. Realize PLC control of electric device.


  1. Input voltage range: AC340V~420V.
  2. Three-phase three-wire system and three-phase four-wire system are applicable.
  3. It can automatically correct the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply and correctly perform the opening and closing control of the valve, and the user can freely access the three-phase power supply of the electric actuator.
  4. Input/output signals are optically isolated (can withstand 2000V surge voltage).
  5. Position feedback, 4~20mA signal load resistance: 50Ω~700Ω,

Accuracy: 0.5%; three potentiometer adjustment technology greatly simplifies the adjustment process.

  1. The forward/reverse action selection is done through the DIP switch on the module.
  2. It can detect the lack of phase of three-phase power supply. When the power supply phase is missing, the LED light will light up to alarm, and all electric operations of the actuator will be automatically prohibited until the three-phase power supply of the power supply is normal.
  3. If the input signal is lost, the actuator will keep the valve in place according to the user’s pre-dial on the module, or move to the fully open position, or move to the fully closed position of the valve.
  4. Working temperature range: -20℃~+65℃.