Disposable Protective Clothing



Disposable Protective Suit
Model:L 175/96(160-180cm)
Color: white; Blue
Isolation Gown, Non-medical

Disposable Protective Clothing

Disposable protective clothing (non-medical).
Isolation, waterproof, dustproof, antistatic.
Made of non-woven fabric.
It is composed of a hooded top and trousers, and is a one-piece structure.
Waterproof, breathable, anti-static water pressure reaches more than 2kPa, and breaking strength reaches more than 50N.
This product can not be cleaned.
Protective clothing should be kept in a clean, dry place to avoid dust pollution, and should not be placed with corrosive materials to prevent rat bites, worms, and mildew.
All parts should be checked when wearing to ensure that there are no missing or damaged.
Disposable protective clothing cannot be used as medical supplies.

Can be used in security inspection crossings, street communities, property management, corporate security and other venues. Effective protection against viruses.

Weight: 150g/set

Material:SMS film + nonwoven breathable

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 600 × 400 × 400 mm