DN200 Water Type Butterfly Valve


Model Number: D671X-16-200WF
Path: DN200 PN16
Sealing form: soft seal
Sealing material: rubber NBR
Connection type: Clip-on type
Application: Mixing Station Pneumatic Water Valve
PN16, DN200 Pneumatic Water Type Butterfly Valve

Valve diameter: DN40-DN200
Valve channel type: two-way clip type
Applicable medium: gas, liquid, oil
Sealing material: rubber
Sealing structure: soft seal
Body material: ductile iron
Spool material: nodular cast iron
Connection type: Clip-on connection
Drive: Pneumatic
Air source pressure: 4-8BAR
Medium pressure: 0-10BAR
Medium temperature: 0-80°C
Also has the same specifications PTFE seal and 304 stainless steel flap optional

Water butterfly valve

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 150 mm