DQZ-220D15G Rectifier Module

Single-phase Rectifier Module, DQZ-220D15G, KEJIKEYI

DQZ-220D15G Rectifier Module

The single-phase rectifier module DQZ is divided into four series according to the single-phase AC grid voltage: 380V (180-400VAC can be applied), 220V (120-230VAC can be applied), 110V (50-120VAC can be applied), 36V (20-50VAC can be applied);

According to the different control signals, it can be divided into four categories: E, F, G, H, etc. The following is the specification and model table:

———- CON0-5V: E CON0-10V: F CON4-20mA: G CON1-5V: H
380V Series 15A DQZ-380D15E DQZ-380D15F DQZ-380D15G DQZ-380D15H
35A DQZ-380D35E DQZ-380D35F DQZ-380D35G DQZ-380D35H
75A DQZ-380D75E DQZ-380D75F DQZ-380D75G DQZ-380D75H
120A DQZ-380D120E DQZ-380D120F DQZ-380D120G DQZ-380D120H
150A DQZ-380D150E DQZ-380D150F DQZ-380D150G DQZ-380D150H
190A DQZ-380D190E DQZ-380D190F DQZ-380D190G DQZ-380D190H
220V Series 15A DQZ-220D15E DQZ-220D15F DQZ-220D15G DQZ-220D15H
35A DQZ-220D35E DQZ-220D35F DQZ-220D35G DQZ-220D35H
75A DQZ-220D75E DQZ-220D75F DQZ-220D75G DQZ-220D75H
120A DQZ-220D120E DQZ-220D120F DQZ-220D120G DQZ-220D120H
150A DQZ-220D150E DQZ-220D150F DQZ-220D150G DQZ-220D150H
190A DQZ-220D190E DQZ-220D190F DQZ-220D190G DQZ-220D190H
110V Series 15A DQZ-110D15E DQZ-110D15F DQZ-110D15G DQZ-110D15H
35A DQZ-110D35E DQZ-110D35F DQZ-110D35G DQZ-110D35H
75A DQZ-110D75E DQZ-110D75F DQZ-110D75G DQZ-110D75H
120A DQZ-110D120E DQZ-110D120F DQZ-110D120G DQZ-110D120H
150A DQZ-110D150E DQZ-110D150F DQZ-110D150G DQZ-110D150H
190A DQZ-110D190E DQZ-110D190F DQZ-110D190G DQZ-110D190H
36V Series 15A DQZ-36D15E DQZ-36D15F DQZ-36D15G DQZ-36D15H
35A DQZ-36D35E DQZ-36D35F DQZ-36D35G DQZ-36D35H
75A DQZ-36D75E DQZ-36D75F DQZ-36D75G DQZ-36D75H
120A DQZ-36D120E DQZ-36D120F DQZ-36D120G DQZ-36D120H
150A DQZ-36D150E DQZ-36D150F DQZ-36D150G DQZ-36D150H
190A DQZ-36D190E DQZ-36D190F DQZ-36D190G DQZ-36D190H

The following is an introduction based on 0-5V control signal:

DQZ Dimensions

① ② is the incoming terminal of AC power supply, and the voltage level is divided into 380VAC, 220VAC, 110VAC and 36VDC

③ ④ is the positive and negative terminals of DC output.

⑤ ⑥ is the synchronous voltage input terminal, which allows the input of 18 ± 5VAC voltage synchronized with ① ② AC power supply, and ⑤ and ② are the same terminal.

⑦ ⑧⑨ They are respectively+5V, CON and COM, and +5V is generated inside the module and is only used for manual control of the potentiometer, CON is the control terminal and COM is the internal ground terminal.

The strong current part of ① ② ③ ④ is completely isolated from the weak current part of ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨.

DQZ Wirings_