DS-G20-8 Rotary Joint


DS-G20-8 Rotary Joint, Two-way Inner Tube Fixed Thread Connection

DS-G20-8 Rotary Joint


D-type rotary joint is a series of products specially suitable for hot water. It adopts the main form of corrugated compensator and floating seal ring as the active seal. The seal can be adjusted and compensated freely, making the seal more reliable and stable. The seal device adopts an external structure, which makes the end surface pressure decrease, effectively reducing the wearing. The hollow shaft, connected to the roller by thread or flange, is the main rotating part and moves synchronously with the equipment. The sealing ring, the hollow shaft and the corrugated compensator together form a floating double end face that has poor sealing performance. The sealing ring is made of impregnated carbon graphite, which has good self-lubricating properties, thereby reducing friction and wear and improving the service life; after the sealing ring is worn, the corrugated compensator can be compensated at any time by the pressure of the spring. The use of the bearing plays a supporting role on the one hand, but also improves the rotation accuracy and reduces the friction torque. In addition, an observation hole is provided on the housing, and the wear and sealing condition of the sealing ring can be observed at any time through the observation hole.

Technical Parameters:

Scope of application: Maximum speed: ≤500RPM

Maximum temperature: ≤220℃

Maximum pressure: ≤1.8MPa

Applicable medium: saturated steam, superheated steam, superheated water

Applicable fields: steel, paper, rubber, textile, glass, medicine, chemical and other industries.

Code Number:

DD—End sealing structure, one-way threaded connection

DD-F—End sealing structure, one-way flange connection

DS-G—End sealing structure, two-way inner tube fixed thread connection

DS-GF—End sealing structure, two-way inner tube fixed flange connection

DS-X—End sealing structure, two-way inner tube rotary threaded connection

DS-XF—End sealing structure, two-way inner tube rotary flange connection


DS-G DS-GF Rotary Joint_