DTY-220D10G Voltage Regulating Module

Single-phase AC Voltage Regulating Module, DTY-220D10G, KEJIKEYI

DTY-220D10G Voltage Regulating Module

According to different output thyristor devices, it is divided into 3 types, a common type of bidirectional thyristor, the enhanced type of two anti-parallel unidirectional thyristor and the half-wave type of one unidirectional thyristor.

According to the rated voltage of single-phase AC load, it is divided into 220V and 380V.

According to the different control signals, it is divided into E, F, G and H types. The following are the specifications and models table:

—————————— CON0-5V: E CON0-10V: F CON4-20mA: G CON1-5V: H
Enhanced type Load 220V 15A DTY-H220D15E DTY-H220D15F DTY-H220D15G DTY-H220D15H
35A DTY-H220D35E DTY-H220D35F DTY-H220D35G DTY-H220D35H
55A DTY-H220D55E DTY-H220D55F DTY-H220D55G DTY-H220D55H
75A DTY-H220D75E DTY-H220D75F DTY-H220D75G DTY-H220D75H
120A DTY-H220D120E DTY-H220D120F DTY-H220D120G DTY-H220D120H
150A DTY-H220D150E DTY-H220D150F DTY-H220D150G DTY-H220D150H
190A DTY-H220D190E DTY-H220D190F DTY-H220D190G DTY-H220D190H
240A DTY-H220D240E DTY-H220D240F DTY-H220D240G DTY-H220D240H
290A DTY-H220D290E DTY-H220D290F DTY-H220D290G DTY-H220D290H
350A DTY-H220D350E DTY-H220D350F DTY-H220D350G DTY-H220D350H
Load 380V 15A DTY-H380D15E DTY-H380D15F DTY-H380D15G DTY-H380D15H
35A DTY-H380D35E DTY-H380D35F DTY-H380D35G DTY-H380D35H
55A DTY-H380D55E DTY-H380D55F DTY-H380D55G DTY-H380D55H
75A DTY-H380D75E DTY-H380D75F DTY-H380D75G DTY-H380D75H
120A DTY-H380D120E DTY-H380D120F DTY-H380D120G DTY-H380D120H
150A DTY-H380D150E DTY-H380D150F DTY-H380D150G DTY-H380D150H
190A DTY-H380D190E DTY-H380D190F DTY-H380D190G DTY-H380D190H
240A DTY-H380D240E DTY-H380D240F DTY-H380D240G DTY-H380D240H
290A DTY-H380D290E DTY-H380D290F DTY-H380D290G DTY-H380D290H
350A DTY-H380D350E DTY-H380D350F DTY-H380D350G DTY-H380D350H
Common type Load 220V 10A DTY-220D10E DTY-220D10F DTY-220D10G DTY-220D10H
25A DTY-220D25E DTY-220D25F DTY-220D25G DTY-220D25H
40A DTY-220D40E DTY-220D40F DTY-220D40G DTY-220D40H
Load 380V 10A DTY-380D10E DTY-380D10F DTY-380D10G DTY-380D10H
25A DTY-380D25E DTY-380D25F DTY-380D25G DTY-380D25H
40A DTY-380D40E DTY-380D40F DTY-380D40G DTY-380D40H
Half-wave type Load 220V 10A DTY-220D10XE DTY-220D10XF DTY-220D10XG DTY-220D10XH
25A DTY-220D25XE DTY-220D25XF DTY-220D25XG DTY-220D25XH
40A DTY-220D40XE DTY-220D40XF DTY-220D40XG DTY-220D40XH
Load 380V 10A DTY-380D10XE DTY-380D10XF DTY-380D10XG DTY-380D10XH
25A DTY-380D25XE DTY-380D25XF DTY-380D25XG DTY-380D25XH
40A DTY-380D40XE DTY-380D40XF DTY-380D40XG DTY-380D40XH

0-5V control signal is taken as the standard for introduction:

① ② is the output end, namely the two poles of the silicon controlled rectifier inside the module, the ① and ② ends of the enhanced and ordinary type have no polarity, and the anode of the unidirectional silicon controlled rectifier inside the half-wave module is connected to the ① end, and the cathode is connected to the ② end.

③ ④ is the primary level of synchronous transformer inside the module, which is divided into 220Vac and 380Vac specifications: 220Vac modules are allowed to be used in the power grid of 165-230Vac range, 380Vac modules are allowed to be used in the power grid of 285-400Vac, ③ ④ no polarity.

COM is the internal ground terminal, CON is the control terminal, and+5V terminal is internally generated, which is only used for manual control of potentiometer. Strong current part of ① ② ③ ④and weak current part of+5V, CON and COM are fully isolated.

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