ABB Emergency Stop Enclosures CEPY1-0


ABB Emergency Stop Enclosure CEPY1-0

ABB Emergency Stop Enclosures

Emergency Stop ABB

Emergency Stop


  • All-in-one design;
  • IP66,67,69K& UL Type 1, 3R,4, 4X, 12, 13;
  • Easy mounting;
  • Reduced inventory levels;
  • Operator style identical to modular range;
  • Wiping action;
  • Metal and plastic bezel option.


Emergency Stop 1NO+1NC   Ф40mm
Type Order Code
CE4T-10R-11 Twist Release 1SFA619550R1071
CE4K1-10R-11 Key Release: Roins 455, key code 71 1SFA619552R1071
Assembled Compact Emergency Stop Enclosures

Emergency Stop & Enclosure1

1-seat plastic enclosure (yellow)

Twist release. Red button 2 NC CEPY1-1001 1SFA619821R1001
Pull release. Red button 2 NC CEPY1-1002 1SFA619821R1002

Emergency stop enclosure with shroud

Twist release. Red button 2 NC CEPY1-2002 1SFA619821R2002
Pull release. Red button 2 NC CEPY1-2001 1SFA619821R2001