FDZX-HL-3T Combined Hoisting Weight Limiter

Combined Hoisting Weight Limiter, FDZX-HL-3T, 380V, magnification 2/1, contact capacity 250VAC/3A

FDZX-HL-3T Combined Hoisting Weight Limiter

Ordering Instructions

FDZX-HL Ordering Code

Example: It is known that the rated lifting capacity of the electric hoist is 10T, the pulley magnification is 4/1, the wire rope diameter is 15, and the side pressure sensor is required, and the length of the hand display cable is 12m, then the model code is FDZX-HL-10-4/1-Փ15.

Main features

(1) The whole machine consists of two dedicated digital integrated circuits: a single-chip digital amplifier/analog-to-digital converter, and a single-chip microprocessor circuit.

(2) The dedicated digital integrated circuit system has high precision, good stability and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

(3). With keyboard lock, with delay setting judgment and dynamic stability recovery function. The two-step calibration method (zero adjustment, loading amount) is adopted, which is accurate, fast, simple, and has strong product versatility.

(4). Its shell adopts sealed aluminum waterproof box, which has high mechanical strength and high protection level.

(5) It forms an integral lifting weight limiter with the side pressure sensor.

(6) It can be combined with shaft pin sensor, plate pull sensor and other types of sensors to form various types of lifting weight limiters for various lifting occasions.

Technical indicators

(1) Product Type: Comprehensive

(2) Scope of application: 0.5t ~ 63t. All kinds of electric hoist cranes and the same kind of lifting equipment.

(3) Comprehensive error: ≤5% (F.S)

(4) Display mode: 4-digit LED digital tube, 2 LED indicators, 4 buttons.

(5) Function: setting content: tonnage, zero adjustment, loading amount:

(6) Alarm control: pre-alarm: 90% of the rated lifting capacity, sound (intermittent) light (yellow) alarm.

Immediate alarm: rated lifting weight 105%, sound (continuous) light (red) signal alarm, control output contact to act immediately (normally closed → disconnected)

(7) Contact capacity: 1 set of relay output contacts, 250VAC/3A (normally closed)

Control output line distance ≤ 200 meters (50 meters at 36V), wire diameter ≥ 1.0 mm2

(8) Number of sensors: can drive four 700 ohm sensors or two 350 ohm sensors,

(External 4-core shielded wire ≥ 0.4 mm2)

(9) Working power supply: AC380V (or specified) (+10%~-10%), 50Hz.

(10) Working conditions: -20℃~+60℃, 90%RH

(11) Protection class: Sensor: IP65


FDZX-HL Dimensions