FP93-4P-90-1000 PROG Controller SHIMADEN


PROG Controller SHIMADEN FP93-4V-90-1000/ FP93-4Y-90-1000/ FP93-4P-90-1000/ FP93-4I-90-1000/ FP93-8V-90-1000/ FP93-8Y-90-1000/ FP93-8P-90-1000/ FP93-8I-90-1000

FP93 Series SHIMADEN Programmable Thermostat Regulator


Bright and striking large LED display (text height 20mm);

40-step program, can be set to (4 curves 10 steps / 2 curves 20 steps / 1 curve 40 steps);

Support thermocouple, temperature resistance, DC voltage, DC current input;

Front panel construction achieves IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating;

Support RS232/RS485 communication;

Code Selection Table:

FP93 Ordering Code


Overall Dimensions:

FP93 Dimensions