GAMX-2012 Electronic Positioner


GAMX-2012 Electronic Positioner/ GAMX-2012 Electronic Locator for BERNARD Actuator/ Positioning module GAMX-2012/ Electric actuator module GAMX-2012/ Location module GAMX-2012/ DKJ Intelligent Control Module GAMX-2012

GAMX-2012 Electronic Positioner


GAMX-2012 electronic module is a control module designed for DKJ-D integral electronic electric actuator. Its similar models are GAMX-2011, GAMX-2012, GAMX-2013, SG-I, SG-ZM, GAMX-A, etc. These control modules have basically the same principle, but slightly different in wiring or function. Our company also supplies various control modules, main control boards, drive boards, power boards, manipulators, control boxes, servo amplifiers, position locators and other accessories for electric actuators.

Technical Features:

  1. Input current 4-20mA DC impedance 250W
  2. Output current 4-20mADC output load 270W
  3. Built-in electronic brake to prevent mechanical idling
  4. The input cut signal actuator remains in place (open or close the valve in special requirements)
  5. Non-contact power output AC220V

Lead Terminal Diagram:


GAMX-2012 Terminal diagram

Dimensions: 66X40X64mm

Debugging Method:

Connect the positioner to the actuator according to the circuit diagram and make sure it is totally correct.

Turn on the 220V power supply, the positioner power indicator light is on, turn the DIP switch to OFF, switch to manual operation, press the close valve button, the actuator runs in the closing direction, the closing indicator light is on (red), after fully closed, rotate the zero position to make the valve position output to be 4mA; press the button to open the valve and the actuator runs in the open direction. After the fully open, rotate the full-scale potentiometer until the full-close corresponds to the valve position output 4mA, and the full-open corresponds to the valve position output 20mA.That is the end of  manual adjustment. Finally turn the DIP switch to automatic, the positioner turns to the automatic state, the potentiometer tracks the input signal, if there is vibration, the potentiometer can be adjusted appropriately.