GAMX-2KP Control Board


GAMX-2KP/GAMX-2KP Control Board/ Electric Actuator Control Board GAMX-2KP/ Bernard Control Board GAMX-2KP

GAMX-2KP Control Board

GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner is a new generation product with a high technical level. All key electronic components are imported high-precision micro-components, during which all integrated circuits are selected from well-known companies such as Motorola and National Semiconductor. The positioner has high positioning accuracy, strong anti-disturbance ability, small temperature drift and time drift, and convenient adjustment. It also adds electric limit function and anti-disturbance function of power supply.

Main Features

  1. Miniaturization of components: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner selects imported micro-chip electronic components from Motorola and Maxim. This type of component was originally developed for aerospace and military equipment. Its small size, light weight, strong function and high reliability. We use micro-chip electronic components, which not only enhances the function of the positioner, but also improves Precision and reliability.
  2. No blocking module is required: The input signal and output signal of the GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner have a common reference address. When the system is connected, no blocking module is required.
  3. Can be applied to the DCS system: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner has control signals such as “ready” and “summary alarm” required by the DCS system; can separate “Pulse” signal superimposed in the DCS system from the the “digital” in the 4-20mA current loop.
  4. Broken signal maintenance: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner adds a broken signal maintenance function. If the signal line input is broken, the positioner will make the electric actuator “fully open”, “fully closed”, “stop position” and “Stop Arbitrary Position”, and continue to work after the fault is removed.
  5. Electric limit: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner adds electric limit function. If the active control signal (one-time external signal or manual signal) exceeds the range (less than 4mA or greater than 20mA), the positioner restricts the output angle of rotation of the electric actuator does not exceed the range to prevent damage to the valve, together with upper and lower limit instructions.
  6. Anti-disturbance of power supply sudden change: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner adds the function of anti-disturbance of power supply sudden change signal, which restricts the disturbance to the misoperation of the positioner caused by the steep rise or steep fall of the strong current from the large and rational electrical appliances on the power supply line.
  7. Get used to positive and negative effects: GAMX-2KP electric actuators are set as positive effects when they leave the factory, that is, 4mA corresponds to the valve fully closed and 20mA corresponds to the valve fully open. If the user requires a negative effect, there is no need to solder the potentiometer thread with an electric soldering iron and to wire from the beginning. Just setting the positioner board is OK.
  8. Accustomed to single-phase and three-phase operations: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner can be used to single-phase and three-phase operations. It can control single-phase motors through solid state relays, and can also control three-phase motors through relays and contactors.
  9. Over-torque maintenance: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner has an over-torque maintenance function, which can prevent damage caused by overloading the actuator. During over-torque maintenance, the motor stops rolling and insists on the output orientation. Only when change the actuator, it can unlock, and exit the over-torque maintenance state.
  10. Electric brake function: GAMX-2KP electric actuator positioner has electric brake function. When the servo is in place, the motor is powered off. However, because of the mechanical inertia, the actuator continues to roll, forming an idler. The electric brake function can eliminate the idling phenomenon and improve the control accuracy.

Technical indicators

  • Input signal: 4~20mA
  • Input resistance: ≤200Ω
  • Output signal: 4~20mA
  • Load resistance: 0~750Ω
  • Basic error: ±1%
  • Return difference: ≤±1%
  • Dead zone: 0.5%~3% adjustable
  • Power supply voltage: 220V±10%
  • Ambient temperature: -25℃~+55℃ (Integral type)

-25℃~+70℃ (discrete type)

  • Relative humidity: ≤95% (no condensation)
  • Protection conditions: The protection level is not less than IP65