GBK-1111-BP Temperature and Humidity Controller

Temperature and Humidity Controller, GBK-1111-BP

GBK-1111-BP Temperature and Humidity Controller

  1. Overview

GBK is a special temperature and humidity controller for the wind power box transformer, which can measure the oil temperature of the transformer and the humidity inside the box transformer. The Nixie tube displays the temperature and humidity values. When the oil temperature is too high, the fan, the over temperature alarm and trip will automatically start; When the ambient humidity of the box transformer approaches condensation, the heater will automatically start for dehumidification.

The temperature sensor adopts an armored PT100 platinum resistance oil temperature liquid sensor, which adopts a three-wire connection method. The lead wire can reach up to 50 meters.

The temperature sensor adopts imported highly reliable integrated sensors, which have good consistency, repeatability, accuracy, stability, and strong anti-interference. This controller is equipped with RS485 communication (or 4-20mA current output) function for backend use.

  1. Ordering Code

GBK Ordering Code


3. Main technical datas

Working power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

Instrument storage environment: -50 ℃~75 ℃, ≤ 95% RH

Instrument working environment: -40 ℃~70 ℃, ≤ 95% RH

Temperature sensor storage environment: -50.0 ℃~70.0 ℃

Temperature sensor measurement range: -50.0 ℃~~150.0 ℃

Temperature measurement range: -50 0℃~150.0℃

Temperature control range: -50.0 ℃~150.0 ℃

Temperature accuracy: ± 1.0 ℃

Humidity measurement range: (1.0~99.0)% RH

Humidity control range: (20.0~95.0)% RH

Humidity precision: ± 5.0% RH (20.0~95.0)% RH, 25 ℃, under standard atmospheric pressure

Current signal: 4-20mA

Corresponding temperature range: -50.0 ℃~150 0℃

Load and alarm output: Relay output, contact capacity AC220V 3A, DC30V 3A

External dimensions: 160×80×95 (horizontal installation)

Opening size: 152 × 76 (horizontal installation)

Installation method: embedded installation

  1. Dimensions