Solid State Relay H3220PE


Industrial Grade AC Solid State Relay H3220PE

Industrial Grade Solid State Relay H3220PE


Solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that switches states when an external voltage is applied. SSR has a small control signal that controls a larger load current or voltage. It consists of a sensor which responds to an appropriate input (control signal), a solid-state electronic switching device which switches power to the load circuitry, and some coupling mechanism to enable the control signal to activate this switch without mechanical parts. The relay may be designed to switch either AC or DC to the load.


Model H3220PE
Rated current 220A
Load voltage range 40-480V
Control voltage range 4-24V
LED indicator YES
Working method Zero-crossing Type
Size 92*23*45
Installation method Screw
Mounting pitch 80mm

Application Diagram:

SSR Application diagram 4-24v