Hand Switching Valve K34R6-8D


Hand Valve K34R6-8/ K34R6-8L/ K34R6-8S/ K34R6-8D

Hand Switching Valve K34R6-8D


Hand Switching Valve K34R6-8D/ Hand Lever Valve K34R6-8D/ Pneumatic Hand Valve K34R6-8D

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Technical Parameter:

Model K24R6-6 K34R6-8
Position Number Two-position Four-way Two-position Four-way
Working Medium 40 Micro Filter Air
Port size G G1/8” G1/4”
Effective Sectional Area 18mm2(CV=1.00)
Pressure Range 0-0.8 MPa
Applicable Temperature 0-60℃




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