HD-65 Rotary Joint


HD-65 Rotary Joint, One-way Threaded Connection

HD-65 Rotary Joint

H series rotary joint is a series of products specially designed for cooling. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, and small friction torque. It adopts a balanced seal. The friction group material is selected according to the medium environment. Various impregnated graphite, The different combinations of bronze, carbide, tungsten, and silicon carbide are sufficient to resist the influence of rust, scale, nitrate and other impurities on the sealing surface. Our seals are completed on CNC machine tools and special grinding machines. The surface is like a mirror to make the seal more reliable.


Speed: n≤1000r/min

Pressure: ≤10bar

Temperature: t≤100℃

Applicable medium: non-viscous medium such as cooling water, air, and coolant

Code number: 

HD—Alloy shell structure, one-way threaded connection

HD-F—Alloy shell structure, one-way flange connection

HS-G—Alloy shell structure, two-way inner pipe fixed threaded connection

HS-GF—Alloy shell structure, two-way inner pipe fixed flange connection

HS-X—Alloy shell structure, two-way inner pipe rotating threaded connection

HS-XF—Alloy shell structure, two-way inner pipe rotating flange connectionin