Iron Shell Silencer DN25

XY-10 Iron shell muffler, DN25 Iron ShellSilencer, G1″ Silenser, G1″ muffler

Iron Shell Silencer DN25 XY-10


XY series silencers or mufflers can be used in adsorption dryers, vacuum pumps, diaphragm pumps and mechanical equipment exhaust ports for noise reduction, and have the characteristics of low resistance and large exhaust flow.


  • The main structure upper and lower end covers are made of die-casting aluminum, with super high sound absorption coefficient and water-resistant materials, and the outer layer is protected by galvanized perforated mesh.
  • The product has ultra-low back pressure and high noise reduction effect, large displacement, and noise reduction is more than 30dBA.


XY Silencers dimensions

Model Port size H h D
XY-05 DN15=G1/2”=20mm 159 125 Փ80
XY-07 DN20=G3/4”=25mm 180 156 Փ 87
XY-10 DN25=G1”=32mm 218 183 Փ99
XY-12 DN32=G1 1/4”=40mm 218 183 Փ99
XY-15 DN40=G1 1/2”=47mm 340 297 Փ133
XY-20 DN50=G2”=58mm 470 432 Փ133
XY-25 DN65=G2 1/2”=75mm 470 420 Փ133
XY-30 DN80=G3”=88mm 588 467 Փ173×4
XY-60 DN150=G6”=163mm 790 619 Փ173×4