ITS-311 Position Monitoring Switch


ITS-311 Position Monitoring Switch/ ITS-311 Valve Position Monitor/ ITS-311 Limit Switch Box

ITS 300 Series Position Monitoring Switch


ITS position monitoring switch is used for the valve and actuators which rotates 90 degree quarter turn. The first function of ITS is to provide the visual indication of the current position of the valve and actuator. Dome indicator unit shows current position by color indication.

Secondly ITS provide electrical signal at the fully open or closed position by activating mechanical switches (SPDT, SPST), Proximity sensors and other magnetic sensors which independently makes function. Switches vary in a wide range and construction to meet customer’s requirement.

Ordering Code

Explosion Proof Position Monitoring Switches

Rigid and compact design constructed from aluminum alloy die-casting capable of operating even in arduous conditions.

ITS 300 series are designed suitable for valve and actuators in hazardous area application, having compact but rubust construction conforms to EN50014 and 50018, also suitable in Zone 1 and 2, and ingress protection IP67.

Standard aluminum housing provides reliable explosion proof performance.

Material: There are two types to choose. One is Die-cast aluminum, the other is 316L stainless steel.

Specification Standard Option
Enclosure Explosion proof Ex d IIC T6, O-ring sealed IP 68
Outside coating Epoxy-Polyester outside against corrosion Nylon Coating

Special color Coating

Ambient temperature -20 ℃~+80 ℃ Higher(~+100 ℃)

and lower (-40 ℃~) temperature

Cable entries 2 – PF3/4″, other standard threads (NPT3/4″, PF3/4″, M25x1.5
Terminal block 8 nos of terminal strips

(6 for switches, 2 for solenoid valve power)

Position indicator Dome type 0~90 Others(3 way L-port, T-port)
Mounting bracket Stainless steel acc. to VDI/VDE3845,

NAMUR, SS1, SS2 as standard

SS3, MT1 as option
Switches(Sensors) 2-SPDT mechanical switch(Form C) DPDT Switches

Proximity sensors(P & F, Autonics)

Magnetic sensors

Position transmitter

(output 0~1Kohm, 4-20mA DC)