KS-15 Shuttle Valve

KS-15 Shuttle valve, ST-04 Shuttle valve

Shuttle Valve KS-15


Shuttle valves are often used for switching between manual and automatic circuits. It is widely used in mining machinery, petrochemical, metallurgical transportation, textile, electronics and other industries.

The shuttle valve can be regarded as a combination of two one-way valves, with a simple structure and only one valve core inside, which moves back and forth to achieve the purpose of reversing.

The valve core of the shuttle valve is in the form of a combination of brass and rubber, which satisfies the wear resistance and sealing performance at the same time, and improves the life of the shuttle valve.


Model KS-06/ ST-01 KS-08/ ST-02 KS-10/ ST-03 KS-15/ ST-04
Port size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2
Effective cross-sectional area 7.5 21 40 60
Working pressure 0-0.95MPa (0-135Psi)
Guaranteed pressure resistance 1.5MPa (Psi)
Operating temperature -5-60℃(28-1400F)
Body material Aluminum alloy


KS series specifications_

Model A B C D E F G H
KS-06/ ST-01 40 20.5 24 Փ4.5 PT1/8 16.5 8 26
KS-08/ ST-02 50 25 35 Փ5.5 PT1/4 22 11 35
KS-10/ ST-03 65 32 48 Փ7 PT3/8 27 13.5 40
KS-15/ ST-04 70 32 48 Փ7 PT1/2 27 13.5 40