KZQ12-10L Controller Display Panel Board

KZQ-10L(380V) Integral type Display Panel Board

KZQ12-10L(380V) Controller Display Panel Board
  1. Powerful functions: intelligent, proportional, switch, and various signal output types are available.
  2. Small size: the volume is only 35% of similar products.
  3. light and cheap people: the weight is only 30% of similar products.
  4. Reliable performance: The key components such as bearing teeth and electrical components are imported products.
  5. Beautiful appearance: aluminum alloy die-casting shell, fine and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference.
  6. Precision wear resistance: The worm gear output shaft is integrated with special aluminum alloy forging, which has high strength and good wear resistance.
  7. The hysteresis is extremely small: the worm gear output shaft is integrated, avoiding the gap of the key connection, and the transmission precision is high.
  8. Safety guarantee: through 1500V withstand voltage test, F-class insulation motor, safety is guaranteed.
  9. Simple matching: It is very simple to use single-phase power supply and external circuit, and it can also be used as 380V and DC power supply.
  10. Easy to use: no refueling, no spot inspection, waterproof and rust-proof, and can be installed at any angle.