LBD 680-2200 Explosion-Proof Vulcanizing Machine

LBD 680-2200 / 660ML Explosion-Proof Vulcanizing Press Machine

LBD 680-2200 / 660ML Explosion-Proof Vulcanizing Press Machine

LBD680-2200 / 660ML Explosion-proof  vulcanizing machine is the company developed according to China’s actual use of coal mine product, its performance and the indicators are in line with GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000, and national standards for explosion Mine product safety signs management requirements, the implementation of MT / 978-2006 flameproof curing machine standards, can work at underground.

Application: LBD series flameproof electric vulcanizing machine can be directly used in coal mine explosion-proof rating and the same places. Applies to ore joint thermal bonding and repair use with PVC / PVGP whole flame retardant conveyor belt, steel cord rubber conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt type, fabric type with rubber conveyor belt, various rubber conveyor belts or flat belts.

Features: LBD series flameproof electric curing press at each piece hanging on the beam mold a pressure cartridge system, each pressure molding box means all with pressure indicating instruments. It makes operating vulcanizing machine with uniform pressure, simple operation, high reliability, long life, maintenance-free, without auxiliary devices such as pressure characteristics. Vulcanization gradually to edge pressure from the middle part of the conveyor belt, remove the material remaining amount of other plastic deformation and precise pressure compensation device; this unique feature pressure molding box pressurized system, improve the quality and fittings joint surface flatness and uniformity of the joint area of ​​the conveyor belt.

Classification and Model:

LBD-Classification and Model

Different bonding angle of product structure diagram:

LBD-structure diagram