LD-B10-10I(B) Temperature Controller of Dry Transformer

Temperature Controller of Dry Transformer, LD-B10-10I(B)

LD-B10-10I(B) Temperature Controller of Dry Transformer

1 Function and model classification

Model Function
LD-B10-10D(B) Three-phase patrol measurement; three-phase patrol display/maximum value display and mutual switching of the two functions; Input open circuit and fault self check display and output; cooling fan automatically starts and stops output; Overtemperature alarm display and output; Overtemperature trip display and output, and display, output, and switch for fan manual/automatic control status; Digital compensation for display values of each channel; Black box “function: fan timing start stop control function; Output status detection.
LD-B10-10E(B) Same as 10D (B) model, with three channels for independent 4-20mA analog current outputs
LD-B10-10F(B) Same as 10D (B) model, with RS-485 serial communication function
LD-B10-10G(B) Same as 10D (B) model, with one channel for measuring and controlling the ambient temperature of the computer room
LD-B10-10I(B) Same as 10D (B) model, with one channel for transformer core temperature measurement and alarm
LD-B10-10*P(B) Same as 10D (B) model, the fan output control has been changed to active power output

2 Technical datas

  • Environmental temperature: -20~+55 ℃
  • Environmental humidity:<90%
  • Working voltage: 220VAC (+10%, -15%)
  • Working frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz (± 2Hz)
  • Measurement range: 0.0~200.0 ℃ or -30.0~240.0 ℃
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1% FS (temperature controller level 0.5, sensor level 0.5)
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Total output capacity of fan: 6A/250VAC
  • Control output capacity: 5A/250VAC; 5A/30VDC (resistive)
  • Temperature controller power consumption: ≤ 8W
  • Outer dimensions: 80X160X140mm
  • Hole dimensions: 76X152mm


LD-B10-10D; LD-B10-10DP; LD-B10-10D(B); LD-B10-10DP(B)

LD-B10-10E; LD-B10-10E(B); LD-B10-10EP(B); LD-B10-10EFP; LD-B10-10FP(B)

LD-B10-10F; LD-B10-10FIP; LD-B10-10FP; LD-B10-10FP(B);

LD-B10-10G; LD-B10-10G(B)

LD-B10-10I; LD-B10-10I(B)