LD-B32-01E-1121 Temperature and Humidity Controller

Temperature and Humidity Controller, LD-B32-01E-1121

LD-B32-01E-1121 Temperature and Humidity Controller

Ordering Code

LD-B32 Ordering code

Technical data

Working voltage AC220VAC(-15%~+15%)
Contact output capacity Other contacts 2A/250VAC

Fan contacts 5A/250VAC

Storage environment -50℃~80℃, <95%RH
Temperature measurement range -40℃~160℃
Oil temperature measurement range -50℃~160℃
Humidity measurement range 1.0%~99.9%
Work environment -45℃~85℃, <95%RH(No condensation)
Working altitude <4km
Resolution/Accuracy Ambient humidity 0.1%±5.0%
Oil surface temperature 0.1℃±1.0℃
Ambient temperature 1℃±1℃
Communicate Interface type RS485
Communication protocol Modbus RTU
Communication Rate 1200bps~19200bps
Appearance and weight Opening siz 76+1mm X 152+1mm
Overall dimensions Height 80m X Wifth 160mm X Depth 100mm
Weight About 450g