ILTC0 Rotating Level Indicators


Voltage:110/220V,50-60Hz, 3VA, IP66
ILTC0 Rotating Level Indicators

Rotating Level Indicators type LIS are installed normally on the silo to indicate the max. & min. material levels. They are designed to signal the presence of material in silos, hoppers, etc., commonly used for material having a density ranging from 0.5 to 2 t/m2. Multi level indicators are also used to show more level points. It is very easy to install it from outside of the silo with the accessory (threaded pipe) .
Technical Data

  1. Mechanical Data

l  Body: Die-cast aluminum alloy
l  Process Connection: G1 1/2”
l  Material Vane Shaft and Measuring Vane: Stainless Steel
l  Friction Clutch: Protection of the gearing of impacts of the measuring vane
l  Pickup Delay: Approx. 1.3 sec
l  Sensitivity: Adjustable via reset force of spring in three position
l  Speed of measuring vane: 1 rpm

  1.  Electrical Data

l  Main Voltage: 220V±10V, 50HZ
l  Installed Load: 3W
l  Connection Terminal: 1X Max. 1.5mm2
l  Screwed Cable Gland: 1X PG13.5, 1X blank-off flange (plastic)
l  Signal Output: Microswitch AC Max. 250V, 2A,500W
l  Connection Diagram: On printed circuit
l  Protection Class: I

  1. Operating Conditions

l  Container Over-pressure: Max. 0.8 bar
l  Temperature Inside Vessel: -20℃–+80℃
l  Ambient Temperature at the Housing: -20℃–+70℃
l  Height above Sea Level: ≤1000m

LIS Level Indicators
LIS Level Indicators
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 150 mm